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RigSafe are suppliers of a complete range of premium height safety equipment and rescue equipment to protect operatives exposed to a risk of a fall. All height safety equipment supplied by RigSafe is manufactured within the UK and Germany and fully tested and externally certified to the relevant European standards. 

If you are unsure of the height safety equipment you require, please call us. We can offer over the phone advice and transfer your call to an experienced instructor who can chat with you to ensure your height safety needs are met. If needs be RigSafe also offer a height safety consultancy service where we can ensure safe systems of work are compliant with current legislation, ensure equipment is adequate for the job and that staff have any training that they require to work at height safely.

The height safety equipment supplied by RigSafe has been used by professionals worldwide and has been industry proven over many years to ensure quality and safety.

RigSafe can also supply training services in the use of all equipment, please visit our full RigSafe safety training site (http:rigsafe.co.uk)

Other key considerations when planning work at height:

Has your height safety equipment been inspected? BS 8437:2012 Code of practice for selection, use and maintenance of personal fall protection systems and equipment for use in the workplace requires a recorded 6 monthly inspection to be conducted as a minimum. RigSafe can offer an inspection service on any equipment purchased or can train and certify you to conduct these inspections yourself.

What happens if a worker was to fall or have an accident at height? Remember - the work at height regulations 2005 specify:

"All work at height must be properly planned to include rescue and emergency situations" 

It is the employers duty to ensure that if an operator should have problems working at height that an adequate rescue procedure is in place. RigSafe are happy to advise on rescue systems that are compatible with your work tasks and height safety equipment used.